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Narrative Text

  • Social Function

To amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways. Narrative deal with problematic events which lead to a crisis or turning point of some kind, which in turn finds a resolution.

  • Generic Structure
  1. Orientation      : sets the scene and introduces the participants
  2. Evaluation       : a stepping back to evaluate the plight
  3. Complication   : a crisis arises
  4. Resolution       : the crisis is resolved, for better or for worse
  5. Reorientation  : optional.
  • Significant Lexicogrammatical Features
  1. Use of past tense.
  2. Focus on specific and usually individualized Participants
  3. Use of Material Processes (and in this text, Behavioral and Verbal Processes)
  4. Use of Relational Processes and Mental Processes
  5. Use of Temporal Conjunctions and temporal Circumstances

Nah, ini beberapa contoh narrative text.  Mangga, dibaca-baca… 🙂

contoh 1

The Legend of Tangkuban Parahu

Long time ago in west Java, lived lonely a woman named Dayang Sumbi. One day when quilting, her quilt fell from her house. Then she prayed to gods that if the man picked her quilt, he would be her husband. If a woman, she would be her sister. Then, the male dog picked it up. Dayang Sumbi got married to the dog, and called him Tumang.

Dayang Sumbi gave a birth to a baby, named him Sangkuriang, but never told him who his father was. One day, Sangkuriang was hunting with Tumang in the forest and he found nothing. He blamed Tumang for the failure and killed him. When Dayang Sumbi knew about that, she hit Sangkuriang’s head with a big spoon and expelled him.

Many years later, the wandering Sangkuriang found a house in the forest, and an old beautiful woman was in the house. The woman, Dayang Sumbi, recognized the adventurer is Sangkuriang.

Sangkuriang forced her to marry him and she told that Sangkuriang had to build a vast boat for their honeymoon, just in one night. In the night, Sangkuriang called his friends, ghost and forest fairies to help him. Feared the boat to complete, Dayang sumbi asked other women in the nearby forest to help her. So the women punched the grains puncher to make noise which disturbed the ghost and fairies. The morning came before they completed the boat. This made the disturbed the ghosts and the fairies ran away, leaving Sangkuriang. Angrily, Sangkuriang kicked away the boat to the downside, and it turned into a mountain, called Tangkuban Parahu, which stood in the north Bandung, until now.

Contoh 2

The Man and the Bees

The man felt very weak. He hadn’t got spirit to work the day before. His wife felt weak too and so told him to go and look for honey to drink for making anergy.

The man searched for honey in the forest. After many hours he still hadn’t found any sign of hive. He looked up and saw a bee hive dripping with honey. He tried to climb the tree but he was too heavy so he decided to cut the tree over. He cut and cut then the tree came down. He saw the hive tangled in the branches. He searched into it for the honey.

Suddenly the bees began to attack him. The man started to run. But the bees buzzed after him. They were stinging him as he ran. At last he saw a river. He ran and dived into the water.

At last he had escape the bees. He stayed in the water of the river for hours and went home to his wife.

contoh 3

The Lost Love

These things happened nerly ten years ago.

I  lived in a city, but the city was hot in summer. I wanted to see the country. I wanted to smell clean country air and see green trees and grass. I went there by car.

Suddenly, my car stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I thought. “Oh, dear, I haven’t any petrol. That’s silly! Now I’ll have to walk. I must find a town and buy some petrol. But whre am I?” I was lost.

And then, I saw a girl. she walked along the road, with flowers in her hand. she wore a long dress, and her hair was black and long, too. she was very pretty. I wanted to speak to her, so I stood up. “Hello, I said. I’m lost. Whre am I?” I don’t know. She answered, “Come with me to the village. Perhaps we can help you.”.

I went with her happily, and we walked across tha fields. “perhaps it’s a very small village”, I thought, “and so it’s not on the map.” It was very old and pretty one. the girl stopped at a house and smilled at me. “Come in, please”, she said.

I went in. the house was very clean, but it was strange too. They cook their food over a wood fire! I met her father and mother, and I liked them bacause they were nice people. but again, they were strange clotes. they gave me a drink but the drink was strange too. it was very brown and strong. I didn’t understand but I was happy there.

I asked about petrol, but the old man didn’t understand. “Petrol”, he asked. “what is that?” Am I dreaming, I thought. Then I asked,” How do you travel? do you walk?” the old man smilled. “Oh, we travel on horse” he said. Horse, I thought.

I felt happy there. I stayed all day, and I ate dinner with them that evening. then the girl and I went out into the garden in to the moon light. her name was marrry, we spoke quietly and happily. but after a time, her faced grew sad. I asked her, “Why are you sad?” I am sorry I cannot tell you, you are only a visitor here. we must say goodbye tonight.

I didn’t understand. Why? I loved her. I knew that already. Isaid,”I’llgo to the next town and find some petrol. Then I’ll come back. I love you, Marry..

I walked and walked to the next town untul I found some petrol. and then I asked the name of the village. but the man gave me a strabge look. he thought and then he said,”There was a village there, but it isn’t there now. it was burnt by Cromwell and his soldiers. they killed all tha people in the civil war. perhaps they’re true.

I couldn’t speak.

There is a story about the village. for one day in ten yaers, it lives again – just for one day. then it lost again for another ten years. in that one day, a man can perhaps find it, but he must leave before morning. Or he will stay there always.

Can this be ttrue? I thought. perhaps it was. Marry said, “You must go”. she loved me, but she was frightenend for me. now I understand, I thought.

I didn’t like the man’s story. but i went back to the village, and it wasn’t there. I looked again and again, but I only saw grass and trees. I was very sad and sat down on the grass and cried.

  1. ana
    Februari 6, 2011 pukul 3:10 pm

    Jelasin donk lbh spesifik tntng languge feature and give example

  2. evitri
    Mei 6, 2011 pukul 11:20 am

    Thanks for all

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