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Information Report

Di sini ada beberapa contoh information report dan  generic structure – nya.

Purpose : to organise and present information about a class of things.

Generic structure:

  • general statement identifying the subject of the information report
  • bundles of information relating to such things as: habits, behaviour, colour shape
  • summary(optional)


Rainforests of Australia

Rainforests are the most diverse ecosystem found in Australia but cover less thab 1% of the total area of the continent.

Rainforest extend from near the tip of Cape York in the north to Tasmania in the south. There are three types of rainforests along the east coast of Australia: tropical, subtropical, and temperate.

Rainforests get about 2 meters of rainfall a year. Tropical rainforests receive rain all year round but temperate rainforests have a wet and dry season. Temperatures are very mild in a rainforest, ranging between 24-27oC.

Rainforests are divided into layers starting with emergents at the top, then the canopy, the understorey beneath the canopy and finally the forest floor. Without the shelter the canopy provides, the rainforest cannot survive.

Each layer supports a diverse range of plants and animals. Forty per cent of Australia’s plants exist in tropical rainforests. Animal species living in Australian rainforests include marsupial mammals, birds, bats, frogs, reptiles, spiders, and a wide variety of insects.

In the 1700s, Australian rainforests covered over 1% of the continent but due to continued logging and land-clearing only tiny fragments of rainforest remain along the east coast today.

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  1. Januari 13, 2011 pukul 8:16 pm

    hey, thanks for sharing the passage. I was working on my school task and found this one, it suits me perfectly since I have always love rainforests. I also realized you live in Solo, which is one of my favorite place in Indonesia 🙂 hope to read another interesting writings of yours!

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